A family of wearable technology products dedicated to the industry 4.0
Real-time, fully integrated, collaborative technology

  1. LEVERAGE SKILLED LABOR: how-to instructions and check lists on smart glasses’ displays enable workers to perform tasks safely. Thanks to EYE4TASK you can leverage your existing knowledge expertise by remotely assisting operators on field: Less experienced team members have real-time
    access to your senior experts located elsewhere
  2. IMPROVE WORKFLOW: EYE4TASK allows immediate intuitive, hands-free video and audio communication in order to solve customer’s problems faster. Video collaboration with experts in remote locations results in faster repairs and saves the expense of flying an expert to the site for assistance.
  3. ENSURE QUALITY OF WORK: Eye4Task remotely assisted activities can be recorded and stored as reference material for future jobs, as well as video evidence for use in disputes or investigations. Remote data, which can track performance, failure reasons, and potential fixes, provide service technicians with further tools to improve the quality of their work
  4. REDUCE COSTS: The use of EYE4TASK by field technicians and inspectors can therefore provide greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness since you can increase operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, while ensuring customer satisfaction.
On site technician and support team are connected through a Control Room-like service and can mutually exchange video streaming, messages and chats or voice communication. The technician can also be remotely guided, step by step, without the need of sending extra support team on site. At the same time, training sessions can be performed everywhere at any time.
Warehouse worker can hands-freely manage pick-up lists while having access to additional information sent by a remote location center. Thanks to the smartphone -integrated video camera, Eye4Logistics wearable system can recognize batches’ QR code and interact with the ERP system in order to update the workplan.
Technicians’ safety management in high-complexity scenarios requires continuous and updated information exchanges about the different risks related to the environment. Eye4Safe allows for keeping the operator informed and updated while presenting all the main check lists and communicating all the emergencies or anomalies to the remote Control Room in order to act promptly.
Sensitive areas surveillance involves risks that can be reduced by supporting operators with useful additional information that can be acquired through sensors while maintaining the appropriate focus on the required surveillance tasks. Integrating a micro UAV with a wearable device, Eye4Security adds a new point of view to facilitate surveillance operations.