Eye4Fleet is a service that allows you to fully manage aircraft fleets by using the FDL device installed on board of each aircraft.  Eye4Fleet information system acquires all data concerning flights from each FDL device and provides guidelines for improved fleet management.

General Aviation fleets’ management requires daily filing of each aircraft’s log book, together with daily updating of technical and administrative expiration dates log books.

Eye4Fleet | AeroClub Edition allows to fully automatize flight data record through a FDL managed sequence of steps:

1) Pre-flight Aircraft identification

2) Pre-flight Pilot’s identification

3) Take-off time acquisition

4) Landing time acquisition

5) Flight data summary

6) Wireless data upload on server

At the end of each flight, the cloud server will show the status for each aircraft and pilot, by highlighting all the accomplished activities on a web dashboard available to the pilot, to the fleet’s owner and to the maintenance technician.

Through access server the user can get the following facilities:

  • User registration and pairing to one or more devices FDL
  • Standard GPX flight plans loading
  • Customized checklist loading
  • Pilot’s flights database review
  • Plane’s flight database review