Headapp was founded in 2014 by a team of Italian entrepreneurs passionate about technology and aviation. Headapp’s line of products synthesizes and bring to commercial standards the founders’ expertise in the fields of aerospace and software developments.

Headapp’s team of founders includes Maurizio Cheli, a European Space Agency astronaut and a veteran of one NASA space shuttle mission:  Maurizio brings into HeadApp more than 4500 hours of flight experience, mostly in flight testing high performance aircrafts, on more than 50 different types of aircrafts and approximately 360 hours of space flight.

HeadApp mission is to help people in everyday work using smart wearable devices. The focus is on enhancing human capabilities of performing daily tasks by improving Human-Computer interaction while maintaining the maximum level of accuracy.









Founder & CEO

Paolo Pari, MSc in Electrical Engineering from Politecnico of Turin, has 20+ years of experience in developing life-critical biomedical implantable devices, moving afterwards to various executive positions in both private and public hospitals in charge of their Clinical & Technology Engineering systems. Since 2007, Paolo Pari operates, backed by the innovation Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, as serial entrepreneur, having co-founded few start-ups in the Avionics, Green Economy and ICT sectors. Paolo Pari is also a glider’s, single engine aircraft and helicopter’s pilot. The idea for one of his company, Digisky, specialized in avionics originated after having designed and engineered one of the first prototypes of glass cockpit for his light aircraft, A Pelican GS, which has been flying since 1986.



Maurizio Cheli is an Italian air force officer, a European Space Agency astronaut and a veteran of one NASA space shuttle mission. Maurizio Cheli attended the Italian Air Force Academy and trained as a test pilot at the Empire Test Pilots' School, England, being awarded the McKenna Trophy as the best student on his course. He then trained with the United States Air Force and was selected as an astronaut candidate by the European Space Agency in 1992. He holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Italian Air Force. He flew aboard STS-75 in 1996 as a mission specialist. He joined Alenia Aeronautica, and two years later he became Chief Test Pilot for combat aircraft. His last test program was for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Maurizio Cheli has more than 380 hours of space activity and more than 4500 flying hours with 50 different aircraft types.


Founder and Board Member

Msc with honours in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Fabio’s area of expertise is the development of software applications that integrate physical devices, sensors and wearable devices with smartphones and cloud services. Fabio is also founder of Eco-Mind, a company focused on developing innovative and ecofriendly devices for smart companies and devoted to be the perfect partner for R&D projects and innovative “in-cloud” solutions. In Eco-Mind Fabio developed a specific competence in user computer interaction, and a fast prototyping approach to software development that has been applied in creating the first release of Eye4Flight.

Pierluigi Magni

Partner and Board Member

Veronica Spadoni

Marketing Manager

Valerio Ferrero

Chief SW Developer

Diego Buoncuore

SW Developer