HeadApp mission is to help people in everyday work using smart wearable devices.

The focus is on enhancing human capabilities of performing daily tasks by improving Human-Computer interaction while maintaining the maximum level of accuracy.

HeadApp solutions include a wide array of products based on wearable technologies applied in several different fields and industries where missions are critical.

Founded within a well-established holding, HeadApp focuses on specific application areas, where smart glasses become the most effective support tool for professional activities.

Eye4Task is our best selling solution which makes possible video collaboration between on-site technicians, control rooms and experts in remote locations, allowing for managing a real-time virtual support of surveillance, production, logistics, maintenance and safety daily activities.

Eye4Health: Technical maintenance services (inspection/fix) on high- medium complex diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative devices. The system supports a multi-operators work-flow managed by a control room that can provide assistance to several units remotely located in different geographical areas.

Eye4Flight improves flight safety and comfort by providing real time flight information directly in front of the pilot’s sight, so that the pilot does not need to glance down at the cockpit display, therefore increasing his time spent on traffic control and on critical forward airspace monitoring.

Eye4Training is HeadApp Virtual Reality solution designed to improve training through simulation. Many industries can benefit of VR simulation training activities: we can provide customized solution that can be applied in different fields including health, aerospace, maintenance and production.

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