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In VFR flight, it is mandatory to continuously monitor the external environment in order to have full control of the situation.

E4F improves flight safety and comfort by providing real time flight information directly in front of the pilot’s sight, so that the pilot does not need to glance down at the cockpit display, therefore increasing his time spent on traffic control and on critical forward airspace monitoring. Thanks to E4F, the pilot will always be able to track all the main flight data in real time through the digital screen supported in his head-up display.

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Eye4Flight | VFR Edition

With Eye4Flight head-up display, the pilot can stay focused on the external environment: flight path and data are all available at-a-glance.

Thanks to Eye4Flight HUD, the pilot is always able to track all the main flight data in real time through the digital screen supported in his head-up display. The pilot can monitor the direction, distance, estimated time at next waypoint, altitude, rate of climb and velocity by switching from one digital panel to another with a simple touch of the HUD.

Eye4Flight gets accurate flight data from a state of the art data acquisition unit: the Flight Data Logger.
The FDL allows the pilot to record the logs with all the data for post-flight analysis.



Eye4Flight | Flight Data Logger (FDL) for Fleet Management

An innovative stand-alone Data Acquisition Unit for fleet management.

The FDL is an avionic system for aircraft data acquisition, designed for the technical management of your plane. It allows you to automatically manage the technical log through a web platform that records all flights data.

Furthermore, it can be immediately integrated with the smartglasses technology in order to provide all the head-up display functions.



Eye4Fleet | Cloud Services

All E4F products allow you to access HeadApp’s Cloud Services.

By logging in the HeadApp's Cloud, pilots can:
• register a new account;
• pair one or more FDL devices;
• upload standard GPX flight plans;
• upload customized checklists;
• review personal flights database.



Eye4Flight | Drone Edition

Pilot your personal drone with Eye4Flight wearable head-up

Professional Drone



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